Maritime Companies Directory

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Comet Marine Supply Co.

Manufacturer & distributor of marine mechanical products



Commonwealth Rubber Supply Inc

industrial rubber hose

Complete Hydraulic Works, Inc.

Hydraulic service

Cote-L Industries

manufaturer and distributor

Cote-L Industries, Inc.

MFGR Mil spec`d flexible polyurethane coatings and fire retardant technology

Dataform Software, L.L.C.

Custom Project Management Software, Plan, Execute Track and manage costs from the field or in the offiice, wherever in the world the office might be.

David M. Boone Marine Artist

maritime art, tugboats and merchant ships

Davidson Lab, Stevens Institute of Technology

Naval Engg Research and Education

DC Fabricators Inc.

DC Fabricators Inc. (DCF) designs, manufacturers and test corrosion resistant heat exchangers, pressure vessels and cross flow filters. DCF products are in use in all U.S. nuclear submarines and power plants throughout the world.

DC Fabricators Inc. (DCF)

DC Fabricators Inc. (DCF) designs, manufacturers and tests corrosion resistant heat exchangers, pressure vessels and cross flow filters.

DC FABRICATORS INC. (DCF), (Delaval Condenser Div)

Custom alloy fabrication, prototype fabrications, surface condensers, air ejectors, filters, pressure vessels, specialty material component manufacturing, contract manufacturers, original equipment manufacturers for main power plant condensers.

Diesel Intellect International

DII creates Continuous and Portable monitoring, analysis and control systems for Reciprocating engines. We manufacture cost-effective systems that are of the highest quality, reliability and accuracy, compared to any similar system in the world.

Diesel Intellect International Inc.

DII creates Continuous and Portable monitoring, analysis and control systems for Reciprocating Engines.

Dredge Technology Corporation

Distributor of IHC Holland: Products, Components and Services

Maritime News

The Future: Autonomous Robotic Hull Grooming

The Future: Autonomous Robotic Hull Grooming

an hour ago
Ship hull biofouling has significant impacts on fleet readiness, ship performance, cost, and the environment.  Biofouling results in increased hydrodynamic drag which results in greater fuel use and greater emissions per distance traveled than a hydraulically-smooth hull.  A study by Schultz, et al. found the typical fouling rating (FR) of a US Navy DDG-51 class vessel, FR-30, increases fuel consumption by 10.3% over a hydraulically-smooth DDG-51.  Results showed that reducing this fouling rating to FR-20 would lead to savings of $340K per ship and more than double that when the hull was kept at a fouling rating of FR-10, saving the US Navy nearly $800K per hull annually.
Sanmar, CAT Work on Innovative Hybrid Tug

Sanmar, CAT Work on Innovative Hybrid Tug

7 hours ago
Turkey’s leading tug builder Sanmar Shipyards was selected by Caterpillar Marine to build the first tug to incorporate its hydraulic hybrid propulsion system. Construction is currently under way with delivery scheduled for October 2019. Furthermore the two companies, from different continents, are joining together to present their collaborative efforts at the Tugnology 19 Conference and Exhibition, scheduled to be held in Liverpool, England, May 14-15, 2019.Tugs represent some of the more power dense and cost competitive vessels, making them uniquely challenging platforms in which to adopt hybridisation technologies.
Shipbuilding: Rewriting the Book

Shipbuilding: Rewriting the Book

3 days ago
As maritime digests a number of historical changes, Norway’s Fjellstrand shipyard wants to put aside the rule book and look at the whole process in a new way, reducing engineering costs up to 70% and production costs up to 20%.The process of designing and building a ship, even in today’s highly standardized mass manufacturing environment, remains largely a one-off, one-of-a-kind design and build. Ships are most often built to a shipowner’s or operator’s specific requirements, which are often based on fixed parameters such as speed, fuel consumption, route and cargo or passenger capacity.
MSC Orders Four Cruise Ship

MSC Orders Four Cruise Ship

3 days ago
MSC Cruises and Italian shipbuilder Fincantieri  signed the final contracts for the construction of four luxury cruise ships.The announcement follows the initial signing of a memorandum of agreement between the two parties in October 2018. The contracts, subject to shipowner financing, have a total value exceeding $2.2 billion.As per the terms of the agreement, the first of the four ships will be delivered by Spring 2023. The remaining three will come into service one per year over the following three years through 2026.Pierfrancesco Vago, Executive Chairman of MSC’s Cruises Division, said: “With this now firm order, MSC is entering a new segment that bears significant potential globally.
"The best expedition cruise ship ever"

"The best expedition cruise ship ever"

4 days ago
A cruise industry veteran of more than 25 years, Nikolaos Doulis, Lindblad Expeditions’ SVP, New Buildings, discusses with Maritime Reporter & Engineering News the build plan for “the best expedition cruise ship ever built.”Born in Greece to a seafaring family, Nikolaos Doulis was destined for a maritime career. His father was a ship captain and eventually a ship owner, and to support the family business he wanted his son to have an engineering education. So at the age of 14, Doulis started spending more time in and around ships, in workshops, learning the technical ins and outs of ship machinery and systems.