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3M Security Protective Window Films / ChuteMaster

Protective Window Films / Air Duct Cleaning

A & B Safe Corporation

Manufacturer of Quality Safes & Insulated Containers


ABB Turbocharger solutions for new sales, spare parts and service repairs.

ABB Inc., BU Turbocharging - NY/NJ

ABB Turbocharger Sales & Service

Advanced Engine Technologies Corp

Diesel Engine Repair,Design, Trouble-shoot

Alcan Baltek Corporation

Core Material Supplier

All Safety Marine

Life Saving Appliance Inspection



American Sailing Vessels L L C

marine maintenance

Ameripack Inc

Manufacturer of air and water tight cases and Dive Lights. Custom foam inserts and Shipping cases

ANDEROL Specialty Lubricants

Manufacturer of specialty lubricants providing tailored solutions for critical applications

Anderson-Kelly Associates, Inc.

International Maritime Healthcare Services

AnMar Maritime Enterprises, Inc.

provide Security Trainning, Personnel, Logistics

APEX Steel Corp (aka BULBFLATS-R-US)

Bulb flat distibutor/wholesaler


Distributor of life-cycle enhanced steel hull stiffeners


manufacturer of electronic sealing product & systems:

Maritime News

Ship of the Month: Mercy Ships and the Quest to Build Global Mercy

Ship of the Month: Mercy Ships and the Quest to Build Global Mercy

4 hours ago
Mercy Ships is known globally for its charitable work performing medical procedures in developing countries. For the first time, the organization has a new ship, Global Mercy, recently delivered from a shipyard in China. Jim Paterson, Marine Executive Consultant, Mercy Ships takes Maritime Reporter & Engineering News inside the construction of the world’s largest civilian hospital ship.Jim Paterson already had a career and Chief Engineer’s Certificate when he joined Mercy Ships nearly 34 years ago, in search of a life change to make a difference. “I sailed commercially for a few years and traveled the world and saw some really sad spots,” said Paterson.
Langh Tech Debuts Ballast Water Management System

Langh Tech Debuts Ballast Water Management System

21 minutes ago
Finland-based Langh Tech announced the launch of its new ballast water management system using fine filtration and UV-C irradiation.The system, tailored for retrofit vessels, crowded spaces and extremely challenging operating conditions, was developed in-house on a fast schedule – in less than a year from first ideas to product launch.“During autumn 2020 we started thinking that there might be a need for even more compact systems than the present ones on the market, so we decided to do one,” said Langh Tech Commercial Director Laura Langh-Lagerlöf.
Third Tanker Sails from Iran Carrying Fuel for Lebanon

Third Tanker Sails from Iran Carrying Fuel for Lebanon

2 hours ago
A third tanker has sailed from Iran carrying Iranian fuel for distribution in Lebanon, reported on Twitter on Sunday.Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati said on Friday the Iranian fuel shipments, imported by the Hezbollah movement, constitute a breach of Lebanon's sovereignty.The Iran-aligned group says the shipments should ease a crippling energy crisis in Lebanon.The first tanker ship carried the fuel to Syria and from there it was taken into Lebanon on tanker trucks on Thursday.Both Syria and Iran are under U.S. sanctions.
World First ‘Exposed’ Fish Farm Features Fiber Optic Structural Stress Monitoring

World First ‘Exposed’ Fish Farm Features Fiber Optic Structural Stress Monitoring

2 hours ago
Ocean Farm 1 operator SalMar and DNV engage Light Structures to deliver precise data for decision support and long-term planningSalmar ASA and Light Structures AS entered an agreement for delivery of a Fiber Bragg Grating technology (FBG)-based structural monitoring system for installation on the Ocean Farm 1 aquaculture facility, located in open water near Frohavet on Norway’s west coast.Making its debut on what is touted as the first ever ‘offshore fish farm’ in 2017, Ocean Farm 1 is a full-scale pilot facility designed to verify the biological and technological aspects of offshore fish farming.
Ecochlor Submits Filterless and Hybrid BWMS for USCG Type Approval

Ecochlor Submits Filterless and Hybrid BWMS for USCG Type Approval

4 hours ago
Ecochlor filed an application for the EcoOne Filterless and EcoOne Hybrid ballast water management systems (BWMS) with the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) for Type Approval. “This application is an amendment to Ecochlor’s existing BWMS Type Approval; it is our expectation that the EcoOne and EcoOne Hybrid will receive USCG type approval certification by the end of 2021,” said Steve Candito, CEO.“Receiving IMO Type Approval and filing the application for USCG Type Approval is a significant milestone for us as it offers the assurance to shipowners that the EcoOne and EcoOne Hybrid BWMS have successfully passed the most recent, more stringent standards in efficacy in accordance with the USCG