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Hampidjan Norge AS

Lifting gear manuafutur

HERNIS Scan Systems

Equipment Manufacturer

Hydramarine AS

marine- / offshore- / subsea- equipment supplier

idé craft AS

Simulation of operation

Jotron AS

The Jotron Group are internationally reputable companies within development, production and sales of professional electronic communication and safety equipment based on radio and satellite communication.

JOTRON Electronics a.s

Manufacturer of maritime safety equipment

Kongsberg Maritime AS

Subsea division

KROHNE Skarpenord

Supplier of highly reliable tank level gauging systems for all kinds of ships and floating rigs. Represented in USA and Canada by American United Marine Corp (+1 978 741 2862). Have supplied level gauging systems to the marine market for 30 years.

Krohne Skarpenord, Marine Division

KROHNE Skarpenord is a Norwegian supplier of marine equipment since 1957. Member of the KROHNE group, `The level and flow company`. Manufacturer of CARGOMASTER(r) level gauging for tankers, based on the BM 70M precision level radar.

LNS Europe

LNS Europe is Master Distributor and Service Representative for Europe of Lock-N-Stitch Inc. as an independant company.

Lodic AS

Loading computers, stability software, advanced cargo and ballast handling software

Marine Transaction Services

E-commerce for the marine industry

Marine Transaction Services AS

e-commerce for the marine industry

Maritime Communications Partner

Maritime Communications Partner (MCP) is the world`s first international maritime cellular operator, focusing on cost effective and simple mobile communication solutions for the shipping industry.

Maritime Communications Partner AS

The Global Maritime Cellular Operator

Maritime News

Nearly 500 Airlifted from Stricken Cruise Ship

9 hours ago
Rescue services had airlifted 479 people to safety from a luxury cruise liner with engine trouble off the coast of Norway by Sunday morning and began towing the vessel to a nearby port.The Viking Sky, with 1,373 passengers and crew on board, sent out a mayday signal on Saturday as it drifted towards land in the Norwegian Sea.The airlift of passengers, many of them elderly, from the Viking Cruises ship by helicopter was halted on Sunday morning as two tugboats started steering the vessel towards the nearest port.Founder and chairman of Viking Cruises, Norwegian billionaire Torstein Hagen, said he hoped the vessel would arrive at the port of Molde on Norway's west coast by Sunday afternoon.
USCG Commandant Delivers SOTCG Address

USCG Commandant Delivers SOTCG Address

2 days ago
The Commandant of the United States Coast Guard delivered his first State of the Coast Guard address Thursday at Coast Guard Base Los Angeles-Long Beach in San Pedro.Speaking from the largest port in the nation, Adm. Karl Schultz highlighted Coast Guard security and marine safety operations, which facilitate $4.6 trillion in annual economic activity.Schultz also recognized the service and sacrifice of Coast Guard men and women deployed around the world ensuring global peace and prosperity, including servicemembers supporting U.S. Indo-Pacific Command and U.S. Central Command.
Report: FBI Falls Short On Port Threat Assessment

Report: FBI Falls Short On Port Threat Assessment

3 days ago
The Federal Bureau of Investigation is not taking appropriate steps to review and assess potential maritime terrorism risks facing U.S. sea ports, the Justice Department's internal watchdog has found.The audit, released on Thursday by Inspector General Michael Horowitz, found that while top FBI officials believe the country faces a low maritime terrorism threat, that view is actually based on "incomplete and potentially inaccurate information."Moreover, the audit found that the FBI had not conducted its own formal assessment of the matter.In a letter to Horowitz dated Aug.
Marine Coatings: Moving with the Tide

Marine Coatings: Moving with the Tide

3 days ago
The maritime industry has always followed a path of gradual improvement, albeit with many opting to travel the route of least resistance. In some ways, this is a good thing. A cautious approach to navigating change brings stability, assurance and predictability. This measured attitude toward managing change has been fundamental to ensuring that the commercial shipping industry remains the most financially viable transportation solution for moving most goods around the world. But, we now live in very unpredictable times, and the world around us needs more than reliable shipping services; it needs future-proof solutions.
The Decommissioning, Marine Life Connection

The Decommissioning, Marine Life Connection

3 days ago
Data sharing and better understanding of how marine life interacts with manmade structures is the target for the next phase of the Insite program.What to do with offshore structures is a sticky problem for oil companies, regulators and policy makers alike, as many structures are starting to cease production in the North Sea, where some fields have been producing oil and gas since the early 1970s.Regulations, which include the OSPAR (Oslo Paris convention) state that a clear seabed should be left behind, once production has ceased, with some exceptions (platforms over a certain age and weight). But, some have argued that more should be left behind.