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Superbolt, Inc.

Manufacturer of patented Multi-Jackbolt Tensioners

Team McLube Division of McGee Industries, Inc.

Leader in Dry Film Lubrication and Mold Release Manufacturing and Sales

The Meredith Management Group, Inc.

Meredith provides effective emergency management consultation and support services for oil and chemical manufacturing and distribution companies, the insurance industry, admiralty and environmental attorneys, transportation companie

The Rowland Co.

Dist/fabricator of marine propulsion components

The Rowland Company

Distributor of industrial power transmissions products

Transmission Engineering Co, Inc.

Sales and Service of Power Train Components

Transmission Engineering Company

Powertrain Components and Motion Control & Automation Solution Provider

Transmsission Engineering Company

Powertrain Component Solution Providers

Trident Marine

Hose Manufacturer

Trident rubber Inc.


Trident rubber Ltd.


Universal Remediation Inc.

Manufactureer of bio-remediation enhancement products


Victaulic is a leading producer of mechanical pipe joining systems. The company develops products for a full range of industrial, commercial and institutional piping system applications.

Victaulic Company

Manufacturer of mechanical couplings, fittings and valves.


The VideoRay Micro-ROV is an 8lb underwater swimming video camera perfect for inspecting ship hulls, running gear and ballast tanks

VideoRay LLC

Manufacturer of Micro-ROVs and Training

VideoRay ROV with Cygnus Metal Thickness Gauge

Underwater Corrosion Control

Maritime News

World Navies: Taiwan develops indigenous combat capabilities

World Navies: Taiwan develops indigenous combat capabilities

an hour ago
Navies operate on a spectrum between deterrence and defense, to include offensive operation, support of foreign policy, and power projection to civil affair and humanitarian assistance and disaster response.  Many have constabulary responsibilities, and it could be argued that, with the exception of the largest navies, most are more like a coast guard than a military force in their normal responsibilities.Every Navy is different.  Yes, they all share similar challenges of acquisition, maintenance, manpower, basing, communications, information systems and the usual requirements of a military service, compounded by harsh maritime environment.

Singapore Mega Port on Track for 2021

2 hours ago
Singapore on Tuesday said its plans to build the world's biggest container terminal in a single location were on track, as it held a ceremony to mark a milestone in the initial construction phase of the mega-project.Tuas Terminal is set to open progressively from 2021, six years after work began, and it is expected to be capable of handling 65 million twenty-foot long shipping containers per annum when fully completed in 2040.Once completed, the terminal is slated to become the world's largest container terminal in a single location, said Quah Ley Hoon, chief executive of the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore.
Salvors Survey Grande America Wreck

Salvors Survey Grande America Wreck

7 hours ago
Seabed survey and ocean exploration company Ocean Infinity said it has conducted urgent subsea search, inspection and operations on the wreck of the MV Grande America, which sank in the Bay of Biscay on March 12.Grande America capsized and sunk last month after its cargo of containers and vehicles caught fire during a voyage from Hamburg to Casablanca.Having entered into an agreement with marine services and salvage company Ardent, Ocean Infinity deployed its fleet of autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV) to locate the wreck.
QP Launches Tender for 100+ LNG Carriers

QP Launches Tender for 100+ LNG Carriers

15 hours ago
Middle East natural gas giant Qatar Petroleum (QP) issued an invitation to tender for the reservation of ship construction capacity required for a fleet of over 100 liquefied natural gas (LNG) carriers.The world’s largest LNG producer said in a statement that the vessels will serve QP’s North Field Expansion (NFE) project which will increase Qatar’s LNG production capacity from 77 million tons per annum (mta) to 110 mta starting in 2024.In addition to addressing shipping requirements for the North Field Expansion Project
Export Licensing: Tips U.S. Exporters Shouldn’t Overlook

Export Licensing: Tips U.S. Exporters Shouldn’t Overlook

Each year, the U.S. Department of Commerce receives thousands of inquiries from businesses looking to export, many of which involve licensing questions. The Commerce Department’s Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS), together with other USG agencies, is responsible for export licensing and controls. BIS export licenses may be required for items (commodities, software, or technology) with proliferation, military, or terrorist uses, or which warrant control for other reasons. Export licensing requirements can apply to a wide array of products, including marine technologies. A license may also be required because of the end use or end user.