Maritime Companies Directory

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Belyea Company

Dealer of unused and used surplus electrical power equipment

Bestweld, Inc.

U.S. Manufacturer

Black Rhino Recycling

Recycled plastic building materials supplier


Manufacturer of commercial plumbing products

Blucher-Josam Company

Plumbing Products Manufacturer


Manufacturer of Automated Welding & Cutting Equipment


Manufacturer of Automated Welding & Cutting Equipment

Campbell Transportation Co. / C & C Marine Maint.

Full service repair facilities & floating drydock


Chromalox can custom design, engineer, and manufacture innovative products to meet unique application needs.

Coupling Corporation of America

Manufacture flexible shaftc ouplings and hubs

Couplling Corporation of America

Manufacture flexible shaft couplings and hubs

CPV Manufacturing, Inc.


D. Keith Dixon

manufacture and market fluid purification equipment, to include: diesel fuels, engine lube oils, oily water separators, air filtration/moisture intake control, Spinner II centrifuges, fluid particle counters, and anti-corrosion/rust products.

Delaware River Tow LLC

Towing, Marine Salvage, OIl Spill Responce

DJI Insurance Brokerage

Ocean marine Insurance Brokerage

DMW Marine, LLC

DMW Marine has been distributing marine deck equipment for 16 years speciallizing in marine cranes and related equipment

Draeger Safety, Inc.

Breathing Protection and Gas Detection

E & K Equipment, Inc.

Equipment supplier

Maritime News

Analysis: Strait of Hormuz and the Risk of Escalation

Analysis: Strait of Hormuz and the Risk of Escalation

2 days ago
The Strait of Hormuz, the narrow shipping lane between Iran and Oman named after the fabulously wealthy ancient kingdom of Ormus, has fascinated oil traders since the Iranian revolution in 1979. Iran has periodically threatened to close the strait to enemy shipping, while the United States and its allies have pledged to keep it open and maintain freedom of navigation, by force if necessary.The strait has become a symbolic flashpoint in the region-wide confrontation and indirect conflict between Iran on one side and the United States and Saudi Arabia on the other.
Maritime, Measles & Quarantine

Maritime, Measles & Quarantine

2 days ago
Measles is a highly contagious infectious disease.  It is so contagious that 90% of non-immune persons will become infected if an infected person is in the immediate vacinity.  It is an airborne disease spread through coughs, sneezes, and contact with saliva or nasal secretions.  The virus can live for up to two hours in infected airspace or on infected surfaces.  Individuals are infectious from four days before symptoms appear until four days after the patient is symptom-free.  Symptoms include fever, cough, runny nose, inflamed eyes, and a red, flat rash.  Complications may include diarrhea, middle ear infection, and pneumonia.
Offshore wind: One-stop Power Conversion

Offshore wind: One-stop Power Conversion

2 days ago
With the United States and China about to start their respective offshore wind build-ups, grid operators wondering about the efficiency of their turbines or the emissions-areas compliance of their wind-service vessels will be warmed to know there’s someone they can talk to. Yaskawa’s The Switch — a Japanese industrial giant’s European environmental tech business — is offering one-stop wind-energy shopping. As with shipping, you can order permanent magnet generators, drives and converters for your wind turbines. Take heart. The lingo is the same. Yaskawa’s The Switch is well-placed to hybridize vessels or help convert power from wind turbines. In the U.S.
French, Italian Shipbuilders Forge Naval Alliance

French, Italian Shipbuilders Forge Naval Alliance

2 days ago
France and Italy forged a military shipbuilding alliance on Friday, as state-controlled Naval Group and Fincantieri signed off on a 50-50 joint venture that will bid for Franco-Italian warship projects and sell to the world market.The alliance reflects the two countries' desire to fend off competition in naval shipbuilding from the likes of China, the United States and Russia.It is targeting orders worth up to 5 billion euros ($5.63 billion) over the next decade. Naval Group said the joint venture aims to build 10-15 warships in that period, with synergies estimated at 10-15%.
Maersk Explores Arctic Shipping Route with Russia

Maersk Explores Arctic Shipping Route with Russia

2 days ago
Shipping group A.P. Moller-Maersk said on Friday it is in talks with Russia's state-owned icebreaker operator to send more goods via the Arctic, which is becoming more accessible as climate change reduces the sea ice.Russia has made developing the so-called northern sea route (NSR) - which requires new ports and heavy icebreakers to move goods - a priority, with supporters dubbing the route the northern Suez Canal.Last summer, Maersk carried out what it said was a one-off trial, becoming the first to send a container ship - loaded with Russian fish and South Korean electronics - on the route.