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Linda Sue III Charters Inc.

Boat Charters for surveying and crew changes and fishing

Multnomah Yacht Repair

Full Service Yard

Multnomah Yacht Repair / Multnomah Yacht Harbor

Full Service Repair Facility and Slip Harbor


Manufacturer of PC Based Navigation Products

North River Boats

You`re looking at ten of the world`s most capable, versatile and sought after boats on the water.

Northern Marine

Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

Ocean Research & Exploration International

Marine & Maritime Vocational School, for 14-22 year old youth

Oregon Camera Systems

Manufacturer of tir-mode camera system with daytime, nighttime and thermal imaging capabilities.

Oregon Camera Systems, LLC (OCS)

Oregon Camera Systems is a small veteran-owned business specializing in the design, development and manufacture of high quality surveillance systems.

Oregon Camera Sytems, LLC

Designs and manufactures custom 24-hour, multi-sensor camera systems. Offers Tactical Surveillance Solutions for rugged land-based, marine and airborne applications. New Network Centric, Geodetic Positioning, Remote Designate, XML Compliant.

Pro-Tect Plastic & Supply, Inc.

Full Line Supplier of heat shrink films, tapes, accessories and equipment for marine, industrial, commercial and residential containments and weatherizations

Pro-Tect Plastic and Supply, Inc.

Heat Shrink Films & Accessories for Packaging, Containments and Weatherization

Proton Consulting

Marine Lubrication Specialist

Royal Marine


Maritime News

MRS '19 Wraps Up @ SUNY Maritime

MRS '19 Wraps Up @ SUNY Maritime

2 days ago
“The decrease in state spending on higher education is what keeps me awake at night” is how RADM Michael Alfultis, President, SUNY Maritime College, neatly summarized the biggest challenge he faces as the leader of one of the U.S.’ leading maritime universities. “With a small student body (about 1700), the numbers simply don’t work,” noting that while state funding 15 years ago covered two-thirds of the college’s operating expenses, that percentage hovers at or below 30% today.The 10th Annual Maritime Risk Symposium closed yesterday at the Maritime College State University of New York feature a panel of three presidents of leading U.S.
Ulstein Debuts Zero-Emission Offshore Ship Design

Ulstein Debuts Zero-Emission Offshore Ship Design

2 days ago
Ulstein Group unveiled a hydrogen-powered ship design that it claims is market-ready, offering zero-emission marine operations.Recently, DNV GL identified the five most promising alternative fuels for shipping, with hydrogen as the ultimate zero-emission solution. The first complete hydrogen fueled prospect has been put together by Ulstein Design & Solutions BV and Nedstack fuel cell technology BV. The ULSTEIN SX190 Zero Emission DP2 construction support vessel is Ulstein’s first hydrogen powered offshore vessel, featuring a Nedstack fuel cell power system. The DP2 vessel can cater for a large variety of offshore support operations.
Autonomous Underwater Dredger Unveiled

Autonomous Underwater Dredger Unveiled

2 days ago
As autonomy gains a foothold in the maritime world, dredging appears next in line to transition to operations without direct human control.A new design concept unveiled by a prominent Dutch ship design and engineering company aims to deliver major power savings and a larger working window for port maintenance dredging operations.The Autonomous Underwater Maintenance Dredger (AUMD) design developed by C-Job Naval Architects is a completely submerged dredging vessel specifically created for maintenance in port environments.
Metal Shark Delivers Two Pilot Boats to New Orleans

Metal Shark Delivers Two Pilot Boats to New Orleans

2 days ago
Shipbuilder Metal Shark has delivered two new pilot boats to New Orleans-based operator Belle Chasse Marine Transportation, LLC (BCMT).Designed in-house by Metal Shark and built at the company’s Jeanerette, La. production facility, Jet 1 and Jet 2 are 45-foot welded aluminum Defiant-class monohull pilothouse vessels featuring an extensively proven hull design. The vessels feature a unique deck arrangement designed for pilots and customized to meet BCMT’s specific requirements.Both vessels were recently delivered and are now operating on the Mississippi River, providing service to BCMT’s Port of New Orleans clients.
USCG PSC Equals meaningful Polar Presence

USCG PSC Equals meaningful Polar Presence

2 days ago
The Coast Guard needs a ship that can do more than just break ice; it needs a multi-mission ship to provide for the nation’s security, asserting its sovereign rights, and protecting its long-term economic interests.  That ship is the Polar Security Cutter.Since Russia cashed the check in 1867 for the purchase of Alaska the U.S. has been an Arctic nation.  Today, it is one of eight countries that have territorial land or seas above the Arctic Circle or in the polar region (six of those countries have Arctic Ocean coastline or an exclusive economic zone above the Arctic Circle).  The U.S. has also conducted significant research activities in the Antarctic region for many years.