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CePOINT Networks, LLC.

Manufacturer of Rugged marine computers, Real-Time Image video capture with GPS and IRIG-B Time Stamp

CSD Sealing Systems, LLC

World Leader in cable and pipe firestop seals

CSD Sealing Systems-North America

World Leader in cable and pipe firestop seals for marine/offshore applications

Digital Brix Studios

Digital Brix Studios is a state-of-art digital media arts studios for professional Digital Content and Imaging Creators

Dynamar B.V.

Transport and Shipping Information and Consultancy

EnGarde body armor

EnGarde is a body armor manufacturer and offers anti-piracy bullet proof vests

Fluent Inc.

Fluent is the worlds` largest provider of commercial CFD software and services. Fluent offers general-purpose CFD software for a wide range of industrial applications, along with highly-automated, application-focused packages.

General Thermodynamics Corporation

Manufactures and distributes BMEP Engine Cylinder Balancer

Gilbert Maritime Art

Maritime Fine Art and Reproductions

Hillhouse Industrial & Marine, Inc.

Providing shaft horsepower measurement systems

HydroComp Inc.

The premier source for performance prediction software, consulting and knowledge.

HydroComp, Inc.

Marine Propulsion Software


Software Development

L-3 Communications Klein Associates, Inc.

Design and Manufacture Side Scan Sonar, Sub-Bottom Profilers and related instruments and accessories for undersea search and survey.

L-3 Communications, Klein Associates, Inc.

Leading supplier of side scan sonar, integrated bridge equipment, and intrusion detection systems.

L-3 Klein Associates, Inc.

World leader in Side Scan and Multi-Beam Sonar Systems, Integrated Bridge Systems and Waterside Surveillance and Security Solutions

Maritime News

For Ship Recycling, Grieg Goes Green

For Ship Recycling, Grieg Goes Green

28 minutes ago
In May 2014 National Geographic wrote an in-depth article on shipbreaking operations in Bangladesh where they listed shipbreaking as one of the deadliest professions in the world. The images from these shipyards are well circulated among professionals in the shipping industry. Individuals without personal protective equipment cutting and grinding into a ship that was haphazardly beached and torn asunder by unskilled laborers. Pollution swirl in the nearby tidal area and soot belches into the air. Large sections of ships come careening off endless rows of vessels that litter the beach.
Royal Caribbean Cruise Founder Dies

Royal Caribbean Cruise Founder Dies

Army veteran-turned-Royal Caribbean Cruise Line founder Edwin W. Stephan passed away on Friday at 87 years old."We at Royal Caribbean mourn his loss and extend our deepest sympathies to the Stephan family," said a statement from the global cruise company said.In 1969 Stephan founded the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, and his contributions helped create the modern cruise industry we know today.  Under his leadership in 1970, the company launched Song of Norway, the first ship purpose-built for warm-water cruising.
ABS & the Future of Classification

ABS & the Future of Classification

3 days ago
The discussion of the ‘future of class’ seems more relevant today than ever, as the maritime industry navigates a transcendent period, with digitalization, decarbonization and a long list of related safety and risk concerns occupying the attention and budgets of shipowners globally.“There are many things going on in the industry, and in fact the world, and looking ahead I think we’re looking at a ‘new norm’,” said Christopher J. Wiernicki, ABS Chairman, President and CEO. “It’s a norm where everyone in the industry is going to have to make uncertainty our friend.
BC Ferries Orders 4 Hybrid-Electric Vessels

BC Ferries Orders 4 Hybrid-Electric Vessels

4 days ago
Canadian ferry owner and operator British Columbia Ferry Services Inc (BC Ferries) has made a further order of four additional electric-battery hybrid Island Class vessels from a major European shipyard.The ferry corporation announced that Damen Shipyards Group of the Netherlands has been awarded the contract to build the new vessels.Project cost for the four latest Island-class vessels is about $200 million, including financing and project-management.According to a release, BC Ferries’ procurement process resulted in 18 bids from international shipyards, with a shortlist of nine shipyards invited to participate in the detailed bidding process.
Containership to Convert to Synthetic Fuel

Containership to Convert to Synthetic Fuel

5 days ago
ROTTERDAM – Today in Rotterdam Wessels Marine and MAN Energy Systems announced an innovative project to convert the containership Wes Amelie to run on Synthetic Natural Gas (SNG).While SNG today is far to sparse and expensive to make it a near term commercial reality, this step forward is significant in that a ship outfitted with an MAN propulsion unit to run on LNG would need no modification to have it run on SNG, effectively making it ‘future proof’ while helping to dispel the notion that LNG is merely a bridge step to strict new emission regulations which seek to cut greenhouse gas emissions from the maritime sector 50% by 2050.