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Interplastic Corporation

Chemical Manufacturer

Jet Edge

Manufacturer of Ultra High-Pressure Waterjet Cutting, Cleaning and Surface Preparation Sustems

King Controls

Manufacturer of satellite TV antennas

Komo Machine

CNC Manufacturer

lake patrol security

provide security, protect and serve

lake superior cabs inc


Lind Electronics, Inc.

Lind Electronics, Inc. designs and builds high quality DC to DC power adapters for laptops and portable devices.


Mustang Survival Distributor

Mactech On-Site Machining Solutions

On-Site Machining Services

Mactech, Inc.

Field machining services and equipment,; line boring, shaft turning, seal face machining

North American Composites

Composites Material Distributor

Northern Technologies International Corporation

Corrosion management systems for all industries. Maker of the ZERUST products. On-site technical and sales support in over 50 countries.

Onan Corp.

Marine diesel and gasoline generator sets 4-99 kW

PaR Systems, Inc.

Designer and manufacturer of high precision robotic systems. Experience in fastening, drilling, milling, routing, waterjet cutting, and palletizing. Systems integrate multiple processes and automatic tool changing with high accuracy positioning.

Premier Materials

Floating dock components and solar navigation and hazard lighting

Premier Materials Technology

Solar-Powered Navigation and Hazard Lighting Distributor

Safety & Technical Products, div. of IFAI

Trade association for specialty fabrics and technical textile products

Shield Technologies Corporation

Manufacturer of corrosion resistent textile covers for topside equipment. Envelop Protective Covers were developed for the US Navy and reduce rust & corrosion by as much as 90%. All covers are custom designed and form fit for ease of use.

Smooth Sailing Boat Bottom Paints

Maker of non-stick boat bottom paints


Manufacturer of safety and survival equipment

Maritime News

INSIGHTS: Michael G. Johnson

INSIGHTS: Michael G. Johnson

9 hours ago
Sea Machines Robotics CEO & President.Michael Gordon Johnson is a marine engineer, an accomplished entrepreneur and sector leader with a primary goal of building progressive and sustainable innovation for modern society. He is the founder of Sea Machines, a Boston-based tech company that is a leading provider of autonomous control and intelligent perception systems for marine vessels. Johnson earned a marine engineering degree from Texas A&M University before starting a career focused on complex projects in offshore oil and gas, marine transportation and salvage. Prior to starting Sea Machines, he was a vice president at Crowley Maritime Corp. and their affiliate company, TITAN Salvage.
SHORTSEA SHIPPING: All the Right Moves (Finally)

SHORTSEA SHIPPING: All the Right Moves (Finally)

3 days ago
Marine Highways Gain Traction in the Intermodal Supply Chain.In the United States, landside infrastructure is at a crisis point. Congestion at the big hub ports, exacerbated by imperfect intermodal interfaces with surface transport serving cargo hinterlands is at the heart of the matter. As politicians bicker over a possible infrastructure package, the Highway Trust Fund, funded by taxes on gasoline and diesel fuel, has continued its downward journey towards further deficits (now $144 billion). And, where countless U.S. ports have reported record TEU volumes, an October 2018 report by the American Transportation Research Institute pegged the annual cost of congestion to the U.S.
Iranian Tanker Hit by Missiles, Oil Rises

Iranian Tanker Hit by Missiles, Oil Rises

3 days ago
Oil prices jumped more than 2% on Friday, October 11, 2019, after Iranian media said a state-owned oil tanker had been struck by missiles in the Red Sea near Saudi Arabia, raising the prospect of supply disruptions weeks after attacks on Saudi oil plants.The Suezmax crude tanker Sabiti was ablaze and suffered heavy damage after being hit by two missiles, Iranian media reported.Both oil benchmarks recorded their biggest daily rise since Sept. 16, the first trading day after the attacks on Saudi installations pushed oil prices up around 20%.International benchmark Brent crude futures were up$1.39, or around 2.4%, at $60.49 a barrel by 0829 GMT.U.S.
Autonomous Ships, Opportunities & Challenges

Autonomous Ships, Opportunities & Challenges

4 days ago
Maritime autonomous surface ship (“MASS”) technology continues to advance at a rapid pace around the globe. Although it’s not being embraced as quickly in the United States commercial market as other parts of the world, U.S. industry professionals and regulators look forward to continued development and implementation as a means to improve efficiency and safety.OpportunitiesThe U.S. Maritime Administration (“MARAD”) hosted “Achieving Critical MASS: Spotlight on the U.S. Vessel Automation Industry” July 22 and 23, 2019, encouraging discussion between U.S. industry leaders and automation technology providers.
Interview: Martin Kits van Heyningen, CEO, KVH

Interview: Martin Kits van Heyningen, CEO, KVH

4 days ago
Connectivity is the backbone of modern maritime operations as ships and boats at sea increasingly become connected. We recently met with Martin Kits van Heyningen, CEO, KVH, to discuss the evolution of communication in the maritime sector and so much more, as KVH is diverse and engaged in a number of markets -- including autonomy for 10 years with work on about 30 different  platforms for self-driving vehicles.To start, give us a “State of KVH” today.We started originally in the leisure market, and we have about 85% market share for leisure and small craft, but over the last 10 years the business has been dominated by the commercial market.