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Patrol Vessel | Flag: Canada


Tug | Flag: Brazil | Port: RIO DE JANEIRO


Tender | Flag: Denmark | Port: ESBJERG


Catamaran | Flag: Norway | Port: BERGEN


Stern Trawler | Flag: Belize | Port: BELIZE


Passenger Ship | Flag: Estonia | Port: ROOMASSAARE


Crew Boat | Flag: Mexico


Tender | Flag: Mexico


Trawler | Flag: Iceland | Port: GRINDAVIK


Tug | Flag: Finland | Port: PORVOO


Supply Vessel/Anchor Handling/Tug | Flag: Comoros | Port: MORONI


Fishing | Flag: Ireland | Port: SLIGO


Fishing | Flag: Greenland | Port: AMMASSALIK


Crew Boat | Flag: Mexico | Port: CIUDAD DEL CARMEN CAMP


Tug | Flag: Ireland | Port: CORK


Stern Trawler | Flag: Canada | Port: OTTAWA


Standby Ship | Flag: Panama | Port: PANAMA


Stern Trawler | Flag: Russian Federation | Port: MURMANSK


Supply Vessel/Tug | Flag: Panama | Port: PANAMA


Tanker for Oil | Flag: Belize | Port: BELIZE CITY

Maritime News

Bollinger Delivers USCGC Harold Miller

Bollinger Delivers USCGC Harold Miller

4 hours ago
Bollinger Shipyards on Thursday delivered the USCGC Harold Miller to the U.S. Coast Guard in Key West, Fla. This is the 161st vessel Bollinger has delivered to the U.S. Coast Guard over a 35 year period and the 38th Fast Response Cutter delivered on the current program. The USCGC Harold Miller is the third of three FRCs to be home-ported in Galveston, Texas. “We are very proud to announce our latest FRC delivery, especially given the unprecedented times and challenges which we’re facing as a nation,” said Bollinger President & C.E.O. Ben Bordelon.
Lubrication Selection Fundamentals

Lubrication Selection Fundamentals

4 hours ago
As an operator of vessels, you understand that lubricants play an important role in helping you achieve your operational objectives. Yet, finding the right one can be overwhelming since there’s an almost unlimited number of different lubricant formulations. An understanding of lubrication chemistry, performance expectations and operational objectives will help you select a lubricant that will improve operations and lower your overall costs.Lubrication benefitsThe basic function of a lubricant is to reduce friction by separating interacting surfaces. In operation, a lubricating oil or lubricating grease is applied to the surface and monitored for effectiveness.
Dredging: Managing the Impact of Channel Deepening and Widening on Surrounding Structures

Dredging: Managing the Impact of Channel Deepening and Widening on Surrounding Structures

4 hours ago
U.S. ports have worked toward increasing the depth and width of their channels to allow for larger ships with greater capacities. The equation is generally: bigger ships = more throughput = increased profitability. But what are the impacts around a channel after it’s widened? The ripple effects may go further than you think.Managing the Impact of Channel Improvement Projects on Structures and PipelinesWith more water to impact them, structures around an expanded channel may need improvements, and pipelines under the channel may need relocation to make way for dredging.
Salvors Working to Refloat Cargo Ship Aground in the UK

Salvors Working to Refloat Cargo Ship Aground in the UK

9 hours ago
Salvage operations continue on board the cargo vessel MV Kaami after it ran aground in the Minches in March in northwest Scotland.A HM Coastguard search and rescue helicopter winched all of the eight-person crew to safety from the cargo vessel which ran aground in adverse weather conditions in the early hours on March 23.The vessel, which made contact with the Coastguard and reported taking on water, remains on hard ground at Sgeir Graidach rock and is being monitored by the U.K.'s Maritime & Coastguard Agency.
Two Cruise Ships Dock in Florida After Coronavirus Ordeal

Two Cruise Ships Dock in Florida After Coronavirus Ordeal

10 hours ago
An ocean liner forced by a deadly onboard coronavirus outbreak to languish at sea since mid-March pulled into a South Florida port on Thursday, after authorities settled plans for the vessel and its sister ship to dock and most passengers to come ashore.The Holland America Line cruise ship MS Zaandam and its twin, the MS Rotterdam, docked late in the afternoon at Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where medical personnel immediately began off-loading 13 severely ill passengers and one crew member for transport to area hospitals.
Maritime Reporter and Engineering News (March 2020)
Maritime Reporter and Engineering News (March 2020)
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