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SeaWave LLC

SeaWave, an FCC-licensed common carrier, brings all forms of wireless communications to ocean-going vessels. SeaWave offers communications and IT solutions, including voice and data, remote management products and other value-added services.


New Construction/Repair Facility

Sonic Works, Inc.

Robust underwater robotics service for precise, accurate, detailed 3D modeling of ships hull, dam and any underwater structure in any conditions.

SonicWorks, Inc.

Manufacturer of precision ROVs for hull and bottom inspection

Sound View Systems, Inc.

Technology and engineering services for enhanced sonar target detection and underwater imaging

Sprague Energy

Marine Fuels

Steamship Historical Society

Established in 1935 is the oldest and largest provider of historical information regarding all engine-powered vessels.

Streicker & Company Inc.

Streicker & Company Inc. specializes in marketing in North America. Familiar with selling in the United States, we consult for companies wishing to do business here.

Subsalve USA

Design & Manufacturer underwater flotation

SyQwest, Inc.

Manufacturer of Navigational and Hydrographic Echo sounders, Doppler Speed Logs and Sub Bottom Profilers

The Lightship Group ,LLC

Marine Construction & Repairs

The Lightship Group, LLC

Vibration Analysis Training

Triangle Marine Engineering, Ltd.

Boatbuilding and service

Tyco Valves & Control-Marine

Marine Valves, Actuators and Controls

US Environmental Protection Agency

Environmental Protection

Wallace Software Design

Complete Dealer Management Software

Maritime News

US-flagged LNG Bunker Barge Launched

US-flagged LNG Bunker Barge Launched

6 hours ago
America’s first offshore liquefied natural gas (LNG) barge has been launched for owner Q-LNG Transport, Mississippi shipbuilder VT Halter Marine announced on Wednesday.The Q-LNG 4000 barge, designed to carry 4,000 cubic meters of LNG, with dimensions of 324’ x 64’ x 32’.6”, will be operated as part of an articulated tug and barge (ATB) unit designed to meet the requirements of American Bureau of Shipbuilding (ABS) and the International Gas Carrier code as an LNG bunkering barge.Its tug, the Q-Ocean Services, is scheduled to launch late October. The tug will have 5,100 horsepower, powered by two GE 6L250 MDC EPA Tier 4 main engines, with Wartsila Z-drives, and dimensions of 128’ x 42’ x 21’.
Turner Designs Introduces New Turbidity Sensor

Turner Designs Introduces New Turbidity Sensor

9 hours ago
AET, a petroleum tanker owner and operator, has named its newest vessels, two of the world's first LNG Dual-Fuel Dynamic Positioning Shuttle Tankers (DPSTs). The vessels, the cleanest DPSTs ever built, will emit 40-48% less carbon than equivalent vessels built in 2008, meeting the International Maritime Organization's (IMO) target of reducing carbon (CO2) emissions by 40% against 2008 baselines by 2030, and halving CO2 emissions by 2050.These LNG Dual-Fuel DPSTs also emit 85% less SOx, 98% less NOx, 98% less particulate matter and 93% less black carbon particulates than DPSTs burning conventional fuel.
NATO RV Alliance is not just quiet, it’s ice-capable

NATO RV Alliance is not just quiet, it’s ice-capable

11 hours ago
An interview with Ian Sage, director for marine operations, NATO Center for Maritime Research and Experimentation, La Spezia, Italy.NATO’s 3,100-ton, 305-foot research vessel NRV Alliance has been a leading platform for underwater acoustics research to the benefit of NATO navies.  The ship operated with a civilian crew under the German flag for many years for the NATO SACLANT Center, later renamed the NATO Undersea Research Center, and now known as the NATO Center for Maritime Research and Experimentation.  Now Alliance flies a new flag, and has a broader mission.
Interview: Dr. Catherine Warner, Director, NATO CMRE

Interview: Dr. Catherine Warner, Director, NATO CMRE

At CMRE, it’s not just about the science.  It’s about building trust and confidence in resilient systems. An interview with Dr. Catherine Warner, Director, NATO Center for Maritime Research and Experimentation, La Spezia, ItalyTell us a little about yourself and CMRE.  What does CMRE do, and how do you see your mission evolving?I came here from the Pentagon, where I was the science advisor for the director of operational test and evaluation.  My experience has been working with operators on systems that they’re getting ready to field. Now that I’m here at CMRE, we are trying to make ourselves relevant to the war fighter.
Cyber Hack: Fortifying Maritime, Port Security

Cyber Hack: Fortifying Maritime, Port Security

The United States Coast Guard Marine Safety Alert 06-19 (USCG MSA 06-19) outlines a February 2019 incident aboard a deep draft commercial vessel that called on the Port of New York / New Jersey after experiencing a significant cyber incident that impacted their shipboard network. The Safety Alert stated in part:“An interagency team of cyber experts, led by the Coast Guard, responded and conducted an analysis of the vessel’s network and essential control systems. The team concluded that although the malware significantly degraded the functionality of the onboard computer system, essential vessel control systems had not been impacted.