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Makers of Supreme Protector Covers - World`s Strongest Fabric

John Boyle & Co Inc

Manufacturer and Distributor

Knight Safety Coatings Company

Epoxy Based Coatings


KRAL pumps offer high capacity and compact design. The pumps are used on ships as feed and circulation pumps for fuel and lubrication systems. The KRAL Volumeter® is a robust liquid flowmeter and offers laboratory precision.

Liquip International - Beta Fluid Systems

Petroleum Loading Equipment- Fuel Filtration - Aviation Fuel Systems

Marine Simulation LLC

Developers of 3D simulators for marine professionals

Maritime Security Solutions

International emphasis - consultants and trainers in the areas of maritime security, port security, and maritime law enforcement.

MBT Marine Survey Inc

Marine Surveying

McKee Craft

100% Foam Filled Fiberglass Boats

McKee Craft Boats

Boats, Fiberglass and Unsinkable

Mckee Craft Government and Commercial Division

40+ year old company specializing in pressure foam filled, unsinkable boats

Mckee Craft Unsinkable Boats

Unsinkable Fiberglass Patrol & Fire, Boats

Outer Banks Diving

scuba diving charters, salvage, transportation

Piedmont Plastics

Plastic sheet / rod / tube distribution

Powers International

Container security technology

Powers International, Inc.

International Transportation Security

Professional Protection Incorporated

High Risk Security Specialists

Pro-Mar, Inc.

Manufacturer of Vent system valves and Deck Drains

Maritime News

VLGC for Astomos Energy Named

VLGC for Astomos Energy Named

14 hours ago
A naming ceremony was held in Kumamoto Prefecture at the Ariake Shipyard of Japan Marine United Corporation for a new VLGC (very large gas carrier) that NYK will charter under a long-term contract to Astomos Energy Corporation,  pre-eminent liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) company.The ship was named “Lily Promenade” by Kazuhisa Otsuka, senior operating officer of Astomos Energy Corporation, and the ceremonial rope holding the vessel in place was cut by Mariko Kurokawa of Astomos. Akira Kono, NYK managing corporate officer, attended together with others from the company.
Damen Patrol Vessels for Offshore Nigeria

Damen Patrol Vessels for Offshore Nigeria

2 days ago
Damen recently delivered a pair of FCS 3307 high-spec patrol vessels to be operated by Homeland Integrated Offshore Services (Homeland IOS Ltd) in Nigeria, and now the boats are being prepared for their assignments. The boats will be deployed in the Gulf of Guinea to protect and support the offshore assets of Homeland’s clients which include many international oil companies.Features of the 33-m vessels include Damen’s trademark Axe Bow hull form that delivers excellent fuel economy and a top speed of 29 knots together with superb maneuverability and excellent seakeeping.
Gibbs & Cox: Historic Ship Designer Turns 90

Gibbs & Cox: Historic Ship Designer Turns 90

2 days ago
Hindsight, they say is 20/20, and in this regard renowned design house Gibbs & Cox has nine decades in the rear view mirror on which to lean. We recently caught up with Chris Deegan, President and CEO of Gibbs & Cox, celebrating its 90th anniversary in 2019, to discuss the organization’s rich history and promising future.When you took the top spot at Gibbs & Cox in 2016, what were your goals for the organization?As a company that designs everything from yachts to work boats to destroyers, I wanted to reassert G&C as the global leader in the naval architecture and marine engineering industry.
Singapore Company Fined for Illegal Scrapping Attempt

Singapore Company Fined for Illegal Scrapping Attempt

5 days ago
A Singapore company has paid a NOK 7 million ($763,000) fine after it was caught trying to illegally export a barge carrier vessel from Norway for scrapping on the beaches in Pakistan, Norwegian authorities said.In 2017, inspectors from the Norwegian Maritime Authority (NMA) detained the Harrier, previously named Tide Carrier, when it suffered an engine failure and started to drift outside Jæren in Rogaland. Wirana Shipping Corporation, a company which buys discarded ships and sells them to scrap yards at beaches in India and Pakistan, was the commercial manager for the voyage and in charge of the ship's route, the purpose of the voyage and its execution.
Tankers Defer Retrofits to Cash in on Record Freight Rates

Tankers Defer Retrofits to Cash in on Record Freight Rates

5 days ago
Tankers that had been scheduled to install emissions-cutting equipment ahead of stricter pollution standards starting in 2020 have deferred their visits to the dry docks to capitalize on an unexpected surge in freight rates, three trade sources said.U.S. sanctions on subsidiaries of vast Chinese shipping fleet Cosco in September sparked a surge in global oil shipping rates as traders scrambled to find non-blacklisted vessels to get their oil to market.The rates for chartering a supertanker from the U.S. Gulf Coast to Singapore hit record highs of more than $17 million and a record $22 million to China earlier this week.By comparison, prior to the sanctions, shipping crude from the U.S.