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Maritime Solutions, Inc

Inflatables, outboards, repairs and service

New England Institute of Technology

New England Institute of Technology is a private, non-profit, technical college accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Inc. The college has over 3000 students in its 32 degree offerings.

OWECO Ocean Wave Energy Company

OWECO develops water wave energy conversion products.

Palombo Fishing, Corp.

Offshore Lobster Fishing

Pare Engineering Corporation

Pare Engineering Corporation is a 65-person civil engineering firm with 35 years of specialized experience in the areas of marine/waterfront, structural, geotechnical, environmental (wetlands, HAZMAT), transportation, water/wastewater, & site design


Maritime Industry Consultants


Marine Industry Consultants


elimination of mold,diesel,holding tank and bilge odors


make bilge ,holding tank,fuel and mold/mildew elimination units


makes units to eliminate and kill odors from anywhere on the boat including bilge,holding tank,gray and black water,mold/mildew and any cabin areas

Quantum Pure Aire Corp.

Manufacturer of Marine ozone generators

Quonset Development Corporation

3,000 acre industrial park which includes two deep water piers, airport, rail, highway, wastewater treatment plant and drinking water system.

ram usa inc

designer, builder,patented,high performance tri-hulll

Reade Advanced Materials

READE is a manufacturer, custom processor of value add specialty chemical solids.

REB Marine

Marine Fuels & Lubricants Consulting

Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation

Innovative R&D for comprehensive port security systems

SeaWave LLC

SeaWave, an FCC-licensed common carrier, brings all forms of wireless communications to ocean-going vessels. SeaWave offers communications and IT solutions, including voice and data, remote management products and other value-added services.


New Construction/Repair Facility

Maritime News

Graney Name President General Dynamics Electric Boat

Graney Name President General Dynamics Electric Boat

General Dynamics (NYSE: GD) appointed General Dynamics NASSCO president Kevin Graney as president of General Dynamics Electric Boat, effective October 1. David J. Carver, NASSCO’s vice president and general manager of repair, will succeed Graney as president of General Dynamics NASSCO.  Jeffrey S. Geiger, who has served as president of Electric Boat since 2013, will retire effective September 30.Graney began his shipbuilding career with General Dynamics Electric Boat in 1995 as a senior engineer for the Virginia-class submarine program and worked in various leadership roles at General Dynamics before becoming president of NASSCO in 2017.
AI & Machine Learning, Possible Force Multipliers for the Coast Guard

AI & Machine Learning, Possible Force Multipliers for the Coast Guard

2 days ago
Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML): mention these two terms and the listener may instantly think of the ads displayed as you view your favorite online news site. This is one version of what AI/ML might be. Given the state of AI and ML research today, these advanced mathematical techniques represent something the U.S. Coast Guard should explore for mission application. To do this, common definitions need to be created, challenges understood, and practical use cases examined.It has been proven in applications within private industry and medicine that AI/ML techniques can be beneficial in predictive analytics.
Maritime Contributes $56.8B To UK Economy

Maritime Contributes $56.8B To UK Economy

3 days ago
A new report commissioned by Maritime UK and the UK’s Center for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) has recognized the contribution of the UK maritime sector to the country’s economy. The report notes that the sector facilitates 95 percent of all UK trade and that it is larger than both the automotive and aerospace transportation sectors, contributing a total of £46.1 billion ($56.8 billion) to the UK’s GVA in 2017, an £8.3 billion increase over 2010. The sector’s direct GVA contribution in 2017 was £17 billion ($21 billion), a 25 percent increase on 2010 (£13.6 billion or $16.8 billion).
New Type 31 Royal Navy Frigates To Be Built In The UK

New Type 31 Royal Navy Frigates To Be Built In The UK

3 days ago
Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced that work will commence before the end of the year on the first of a series of new Type 31 frigates as part of the UK Government’s planned expansion of the Royal Navy fleet over the next 20 years. The new ships will replace Type 23 frigates currently in service and the construction of the first of these will be completed by 2023.The £1.25 billion contract for the new ships will be awarded later this year, supporting 2,500 jobs that include at least 150 new technical apprenticeships. It is planned that all five of the new ships will be delivered by the end of 2028, decisions on their deployment being made when appropriate.
K Line Takes Delivery Of Corona Citrus

K Line Takes Delivery Of Corona Citrus

3 days ago
Japanese shipping giant Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha (K Line) has taken delivery of a 88,000 dwt coal carrier from compatriot shipbuilder Imabari Shipbuilding in Marugame.Named Corona Citrus, the vessel was delivered on September 11 for electric utility Electric Power Development Co. Ltd.The new Corona coal carrier will be principally involved in carrying thermal coal to thermal power plants for the company.Corona Citrus is equipped with WAD (Weather Adapted Duct) in front of the propeller which promotes her propeller efficiency and Hybrid Fin behind the propeller which accelerates energy savings, said the company.