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Lightship Group, LLC

Perform ship repair anywhere on the East Coast for private and Gov`t sources;perform vibration analysis and thermography; Port Engineering; riding maintenance crews; Inventory; ABS/USCG approved welders, shipfitters, machinists

Marine Design & Engineering

Marine related construction consulting

Maritime Solutions, Inc

Inflatables, outboards, repairs and service

New England Institute of Technology

New England Institute of Technology is a private, non-profit, technical college accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Inc. The college has over 3000 students in its 32 degree offerings.

OWECO Ocean Wave Energy Company

OWECO develops water wave energy conversion products.

Palombo Fishing, Corp.

Offshore Lobster Fishing

Pare Engineering Corporation

Pare Engineering Corporation is a 65-person civil engineering firm with 35 years of specialized experience in the areas of marine/waterfront, structural, geotechnical, environmental (wetlands, HAZMAT), transportation, water/wastewater, & site design


Maritime Industry Consultants


Marine Industry Consultants


elimination of mold,diesel,holding tank and bilge odors


make bilge ,holding tank,fuel and mold/mildew elimination units


makes units to eliminate and kill odors from anywhere on the boat including bilge,holding tank,gray and black water,mold/mildew and any cabin areas

Quantum Pure Aire Corp.

Manufacturer of Marine ozone generators

Quonset Development Corporation

3,000 acre industrial park which includes two deep water piers, airport, rail, highway, wastewater treatment plant and drinking water system.

ram usa inc

designer, builder,patented,high performance tri-hulll

Reade Advanced Materials

READE is a manufacturer, custom processor of value add specialty chemical solids.

REB Marine

Marine Fuels & Lubricants Consulting

Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation

Innovative R&D for comprehensive port security systems

Maritime News

Report: FBI Falls Short On Port Threat Assessment

Report: FBI Falls Short On Port Threat Assessment

17 hours ago
The Federal Bureau of Investigation is not taking appropriate steps to review and assess potential maritime terrorism risks facing U.S. sea ports, the Justice Department's internal watchdog has found.The audit, released on Thursday by Inspector General Michael Horowitz, found that while top FBI officials believe the country faces a low maritime terrorism threat, that view is actually based on "incomplete and potentially inaccurate information."Moreover, the audit found that the FBI had not conducted its own formal assessment of the matter.In a letter to Horowitz dated Aug.
Marine Coatings: Moving with the Tide

Marine Coatings: Moving with the Tide

21 hours ago
The maritime industry has always followed a path of gradual improvement, albeit with many opting to travel the route of least resistance. In some ways, this is a good thing. A cautious approach to navigating change brings stability, assurance and predictability. This measured attitude toward managing change has been fundamental to ensuring that the commercial shipping industry remains the most financially viable transportation solution for moving most goods around the world. But, we now live in very unpredictable times, and the world around us needs more than reliable shipping services; it needs future-proof solutions.
The Decommissioning, Marine Life Connection

The Decommissioning, Marine Life Connection

21 hours ago
Data sharing and better understanding of how marine life interacts with manmade structures is the target for the next phase of the Insite program.What to do with offshore structures is a sticky problem for oil companies, regulators and policy makers alike, as many structures are starting to cease production in the North Sea, where some fields have been producing oil and gas since the early 1970s.Regulations, which include the OSPAR (Oslo Paris convention) state that a clear seabed should be left behind, once production has ceased, with some exceptions (platforms over a certain age and weight). But, some have argued that more should be left behind.
Italian Police Escort Migrant Boat

Italian Police Escort Migrant Boat

2 days ago
An Italian charity ship was escorted into the port of Lampedusa by police on Tuesday after rescuing 49 Africans in the Mediterranean, with Interior Minister Matteo Salvini calling for the crew to be arrested.A judicial source said a magistrate had ordered that the boat, the Mare Jonio, be seized as an investigation is launched into allegations of aiding and abetting human trafficking.The vessel picked up the migrants, including 12 minors, on Monday after their rubber boat started to sink in the central Mediterranean, some 42 miles (68 km) off the coast of Libya.
INSIGHTS: Peter Stephaich

INSIGHTS: Peter Stephaich

2 days ago
Chairman & CEO, Campbell Transportation Company.Peter H. Stephaich is Chairman and CEO of Blue Danube Incorporated and Campbell Transportation Company. Currently, he is also Chairman of the Board of the Waterways Council, Inc. (WCI). Peter also serves on the Board of Directors of Blue Danube, a position that he has held since 1982. Serving the barge industry for over 30 years in a number of key roles, he also counts among his many qualifications his tenure(s) as Past Chairman and Past Treasurer of the American Waterways Operators (AWO), Past Chairman and Trustee of the National Waterways Foundation