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Daubert Cromwell Global manufacturer of corrosion inhibitor , environmentally friendly and military approved liquids, oils, papers, films and devices for protecting metals in marine industries.
George G. Sharp Inc Naval Architecture, Marine Engineering, Human Systems Integration, Information Technology, Hull, Mechanical & Electrical Systems, Foreign Military Sales
LUBEXPERT ROMANIA LTD Lubexpert Romania Ltd is a strategic distributor (SDP) for ExxonMobil in Romania including Shipyards Industry and River/Marine Owner operators.
Miller-Leaman, Inc. Miller-Leaman, Inc. manufactures the unique, patented Thompson SeaStrainer, as well as customizable seastrainers and basket strainers available in a variety of metal alloys including Type 316 stainless steel and Copper Nickel.
Ohmsett, National Oil Spill Response Test Facility Ohmsett is the only facility in the world where full-scale oil spill response training, testing, and research can be conducted with oil in a realistic simulated marine environment under controlled conditions.
PaR Systems, Inc. Designer and manufacturer of high precision robotic systems. Experience in fastening, drilling, milling, routing, waterjet cutting, and palletizing. Systems integrate multiple processes and automatic tool changing with high accuracy positioning.
Qingdao Evergreen Shipping Supplies Co.,Ltd Qingdao Evergreen Shipping Supplies Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer of marine rubber fenders, floating Yokohama fender, foam filled fenders, buoyancy products, inflatable airbags/rollers for ship launching/landing, underwater air-lift bags,fenders
Sun Coast Resources, Inc. Since 1985, Sun Coast has been supplying customers with high quality fuels, oil, chemical and lubricant products for every application. We also have a nationally recognized Emergency Fueling Response Division; a Fluids Purification & System Decontam
VEGA Controls Ltd VEGA sets the standard in the marine and shipping industry, as world leading experts in the fields of level, pressure and switching instrumentation. They have many years of experience in supplying 100s of shipyards and shipping companies worldwide.
WestPier Marine & Industrial Supply WestPier is the largest marine chandler on the Great Lakes. We are the only Primary Shell lubricants distributor for the north side of the Great Lakes.
Maritime Activity Reports, Inc.